Just Leave it to Martha

Martha Stewart Cornbread StuffingIf Martha says to do something, I’ll usually just do it. I don’t try to make her recipes healthier, moister, or more chocolatey because I know she knows what she is doing.

But when I read the ingredient list for Pecan Cornbread stuffing and saw that it called for 3 eggs I did pause. I had never put eggs in stuffing before. (Nor had I followed a recipe for stuffing before.) Then better judgement ruled and I did what she told me. And I’m glad I did.

Those eggs worked some magic on my stuffing. It turned it into a savory, moist, french toast-like dish instead of the dry crumbly stuff that usually calls for more and more chicken stock each time you heat it up.

I sent some stuffing to my sister who could not make Thanksgiving dinner because of a sick child at home. She texted me this the next day “I am intrigued by your stuffing.”

I will never doubt her again. Sorry Martha!

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