My Personal Groundhog Day

Aaron unloading the dishwasherUnloading the dishwasher had become my own personal version of Groundhog Day. Every morning I put away clean dishes, cups and bowls only to end the day with everything right back where we started. A visible reminder of how little was accomplished that day.

While I’m sure I should be thankful the my modern conveniences that keep me from having to get my hands dirty in this daily process, or for my beautiful family who shared these meals with me, I tended to fixate on the food on the floor and whining that accompany these dirty dishes.

But a few days ago, I had a turn around. I got a helper. I asked Aaron to help me unload the clean dishes and he said yes. We called out each items and categorized it “Glass!” “Plastic!”. Made rules, “2 hands for glass, 1 hand for plastic” and even set a schedule “I’m gonna help you do this every day, and the net day, and the next day!”

Maternal bliss…Now if he could only reach those top cabinets by himself…


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