You Know You’re An Affiliate Marketing Addict When…

Moms Squidoo MonstersI’m fairly certain I don’t need a wake-up call. My addiction is out there in the open. For anyone just starting out in affiliate marketing who is not quite sure, here are a few signs that you are addicted.

You naturally wake up at 5am every morning – to check your stats, and then go back to sleep until the next site updates at 7am.

Your toddler is more familiar with the Squidoo “monsters” than the Sesame Street characters

You cant buy anything in a store without first checking your affiliate product feeds (“…could I be earning a commission on this?”)

You plan your child’s birthday party by writing a Squidoo lens about it first, and blogging about it after.

Your children preface all requests with “after you check your stats…”

When you see a mom on her smart phone at the playground you don’t condemn, you wonder what she is blogging about.


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