Get the Big Picture and Increase Amazon Affiliate Sales

Back in August, I made a change to my Squidoo lenses which I believe was a big part of a 300% increase in total sales I saw between August and September.

I went through all of my older lenses that were generating sales and ditched the Squidoo “Amazon” module for text modules, and repopulated the new modules with the same products – using Amazon Associates links and large product images.

I did not use the standard Amazon associates images which are provided when you request an image link – these are only 160×160. Instead, I went to the Amazon product page and grabbed larger images

The difference to viewers of my pages was purely cosmetic. Gone were the line listings of 5 75×75 product images at a time, replaced by larger 300×300 images with captions below. But the difference on the back end was substantial:

  • I had a total of 183 units sold vs. 78 the prior month
  • I hit the 7% tier on Amazon Associates for the first time
  • As mentioned above, I increased overall revenue between AA and Squidoo by 300% by both increasing conversion with larger images and moving most sales from a 4% payout to a 7% payout on the Amazon Associates platform.

My methods may not be the most scientific, s I am sure there were other issues at play including the seasonality of products I was promoting and a general slow down of business in August. Still, from a shopper’s perspective I favor larger images. So don’t you think your audience would too?

Are you still using the Squidoo Amazon module? Tell me why below.


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